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Get To Know: The Curators of Hip Hop

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Nov 22


The Curators of Hip Hop partnered with us this year to deliver amazing content. We are incredibly excited to work again with COHH in 2015- In the meantime, get to know them!

The Curators of Hip Hop (COHH) are keepers of an online museum of auditory and visual stimulation. We are the constantly changing world of Hip Hop. We are the art, the culture, the politics, the fun, the honesty – the movement. Creativity meets Connectivity. sFounders & Producers Jermaine Fletcher, Jimmie Thomas and A’sia Horne, all collaborated as ambassadors at the rebuilding of the site in 2010. The concept was originally formed in Hawaii while featuring artists from “unique territories” when Jermaine moved there in in 2009. In 2010, the contest expanded to both Los Angeles, CA and Baltimore, MD and beyond when all three partners began expanding the concept.


Want to learn more? Check them out.

The Blog Team

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