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Monetizing Mounds of Data from Streaming Music

Posted by Darralyn Buford on Oct 6


Streaming has completely changed the music business and gives many us a chance to hear new music. There is money and new valuable data going back into the industry and artists have more independence and power than ever before.

Music industry heavy hitters, Lars Murray (SVP Strategic Partnerships of Pandora) and Jason Geter (Culture Republic) sat down and discussed the many ways data is captured by streaming companies and how artists can use data to make money.

Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Spinrilla, and many more streaming companies help many undiscovered artists to eventually start making music and get their names buzzing all over social media platforms and even the radio. Artist today should make sure they are using streaming data to not only sell tickets, but themselves as well as merchandise.

Many streaming outlets like Pandora are committed to helping artists connect with their fans and gain more growth in their career when its comes to placement . Being an artist today you have to know what is going to sell and how are you going to sell and promote your music.

Darralyn Buford

Written by Darralyn Buford

Topics: A3C 2017

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