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Making Waves: Placing Beats, Producing Hits & Make Money

Posted by Darralyn Buford on Oct 7


Its a dream for producers to work with heavy music industry artists. Producers Street Runner, J Oliver, and Go Grizzly sat down and discussed the in’s and out’s,and  do’s and dont’s  of the producing world. DJ Pain 1 also had shared many of the same trials and tribulations that many producers go through when it come the the music industry.

What’s the best way to placing beats wit artists? How do you get a hit song? Where is the money coming from? Many of those questions are what many young growing producers are trying to understand.

These 3  producers have worked with many top of the line artist in game from, Nicki Minaj, Future, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne,French Montana, Meek Mill, and Trey Songz.Compared to before and now placing with artist has changed incredibly. Producer Street Runner says

“ Back then used to be more of a hand to hand with trying to get artist to listen to your beats, you had to walk around with a CD’s passing them out to A&Rs, artist ,and etc versus today you can simple send over a mp3.”

The grind as a producer today is way more easier because before internet was not as up to date far as social media platforms, streaming websites, and etc.  All 3 producers shared their stories of the different applications they used to make beats, how they received their first placement with artist, the damage of publishing deals, the need of management, and licensing your music.

Darralyn Buford

Written by Darralyn Buford

Topics: A3C 2017

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