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Kodie Shane 'Levels Up' In New Video

Sierra Brown
Posted by Sierra Brown on Aug 29

Kodie Shane is back with a new EP, “Back From the Future,” and a video for the first single, “Level Up.” The reggae-esque, summertime beat pairs with the tropical island vibe. Singing and showing off her signature gold grill, it’s clear Shane has “leveled up” and isn’t trying to be modest about it.

“Back From the Future” released last week and shows growth in Shane’s songwriting skills on songs like “Normal” and “You Should Know.”

Kodie Shane will be performing at A3C apart of Fool’s Gold Day Off Oct. 7. Check out her video above and make sure you cop a ticket.

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Sierra Brown

Written by Sierra Brown

Sierra Brown is a multimedia journalist from Atlanta, Ga., covering music and pop culture.

Topics: New Music, A3C Festival, Kodie Shane

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