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Get "Pretty Dirty" with Miloh Smith

Cora Taft
Posted by Cora Taft on Sep 21


Miloh Smith was raised on the outskirts of Atlanta in Marietta. As a young girl, she grew with musical influences from Brandy, Destiny’s Child and TLC. She is the line between R&B meets Trap Soul  She is a visual artist as well as a songwriter and rapper. 

She is very creative when it comes to music and art. Her style of art is pop art. It is very vibrant and the pictures are based on the culture.

As a music artist, Miloh is striving to be a representation for the woman who isn’t in the main stream media. She wants to be able to unapologetically be herself and how it inspires other women as well. She is striving to be a leader for girls and women like herself who are creative at down to earth.


With songs like “Pretty Dirty”, “Baby Miloh Two”, and “Revolver”. The songs have very lifting beats with raps and singing. Her voice is amazing. The video for “Pretty Dirty” is artistically driven by the way it is shot and the concept. Check it out here.

Miloh Smith will make an appearance at The Future Is Female on Saturday, October 8th at 7 p.m. at 529 ( East Atlanta Village).

Cora Taft

Written by Cora Taft

Topics: Music, Miloh Smith

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