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A3C x Patreon: Discover how Patreon supports creatives.

Posted by Muriel Vega on Oct 4

Patreon is all about celebrating music and the people who create it by helping them make vital connections, so it’s no surprise that they’ll be heading down South for Atlanta’s A3C Festival & Conference. For the past 15 years, A3C has brought together musicians, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and producers. We are gearing up to do it all over again next week, October 8th through October 13th!  


With an average of more than 30,000 attendees, the conference attracts all sides of the music business, from culture to tech and film. The Startup Spotlight, where 5 music tech startups will be invited to showcase their companies to a panel of music industry veterans and hip-hop icons will be bigger than ever this year, highlighting the city’s growing music tech ecosystem! We have also invited nearly 500 artists and DJs to take the stage at local venues and share their artistry with Atlanta. 

Patreon’s presence at A3C this year aligns with their mission — to provide creative independence, cut out the middleman, and help creators create on their terms through our platform, and beyond.

Why? Because Patreon has seen the positive impact that putting creators first can have. 

For instance, Patreon has set up experiences on-site at FORM Fest, a three-day creative retreat and festival with a focus on music, art, wellness, and community. For the event, Patreon partnered with Florida-based Pulp Arts to build an on-site recording studio and encourage networking between artists. Patreon’s joint studio delivered 17 unique collaborations that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. 

Patreon also offers support, creating and sharing resources for emerging and established musicians who are ready to launch their page but don’t know where to start. Your Patreon page provides a hub for your fans to interact with you and with each other. Some of Patreon’s most successful artists, connect with fans directly by offering them behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and Patron-only song access. Patreon also knows that selling is almost every creator’s nightmare but remembering that your audience wants to support you is an essential component of not feeling like an impostor. Patreon wants to make it easier for you to build your audience as a musician, including launching new music. Because, as digital music strategist Hayley Rosenblum shared at SXSW, "Your fans are happy to give you money. Let’s pause and remember that. You're giving them value, and they've given you value.”

Looking for an example of creative independence in action? Artist Zola Jesus shared her story with Patreon at this year's SXSW, explaining why she chose the membership model to fuel her career and hear from fans directly. 

In her own words, her patrons “have been reaffirming and beautiful. For me, it proves the deep relationship that I have with my fans and that they have with me. It’s about people connecting,” she said.

Patreon want creators to explore new ways of growing their audience, and are providing those essential resources by tapping into their community and sharing common challenges musicians face and the solutions they can use to reach their goals. 

As the worlds of technology, music, and money continue to collide, creators of all kinds are seeking ways to sustainably make their art without compromise. The future is a new World that values the direct and impactful relationship with fans and supporters, reduces the dependence on big brands, and puts the music and art first. Ready to step in the future of music? Join Patreon’s creator partnership lead Joe Barham as he shares his insights along with artists and creators at A3C. 

One of the projects Patreon is most excited for at A3C is their collaboration with Dead End Hip Hop, a multi-faceted media company that empowers the hip-hop community and Raedio, the new music initiative from Issa Rae. Patreon and their partners will be taking over Bravo Ocean Studios,  a state-of-the-art recording facility in Atlanta, giving artists a chance to create while at A3C. 

Want to meet up with Patreon while at A3C? Check out their Artist Mixer series and connect with other creators at A3C! 

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Muriel Vega

Written by Muriel Vega

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