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A3C's Startup Spotlight is looking for startups that impact how music is created, shared, discovered, marketed and monetized

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jun 14

A3C’s Startup Spotlight is an initiative to find and elevate innovative tech startups that impact how music is being created, shared, discovered, marketed and monetized. The startups selected are able to engage with potential partners, advocates and users in order to receive useful and actionable feedback.

Applications for the Startup Spotlight are opened until August 1st at 10:00pm EST.

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startup spolight application

5 music tech startups will be invited to showcase their companies to a panel of music industry veterans and hip-hop icons at the A3C Conference. Additionally, startups will participate in a multi-day experience connecting them with Atlanta’s tech community, music industry, artists and producers.

The 2017 Startups included: Record Gram, Jammber, The UpNext, BrandSnap & RapChat.

A3C launched the Startup Spotlight to help build Atlanta’s music tech community. A3C Festival & Conference has become an essential annual meetup for the music tech and hip-hop communities to network and build together. Atlanta is already the cultural capital for hip-hop artists and creatives, and the city has a strong and rapidly growing tech sector. A3C is committed to building a music tech community around the already vibrant hip-hop community.

Hip-Hop is the most important, influential and often largest user-base for many music tech startups. Hip-Hop artists are early adopters and frequently the most active and engaged community on most social and music platforms.

Hip-Hop, Music and Tech converge at A3C Conference.

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