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5 Drake Lyrical Flexes That Are Actually True

Jerel Marshall
Posted by Jerel Marshall on Sep 19


Braggadocio and hip-hop have gone hand and hand since the beginning of the genre. From DJ Kool Herc proclaiming himself king of the disco to rappers of today boasting about foreign whips with screechy tires (skrt skrt), rap continues to be drenched in arrogance and opulence

Drake, one of the most commercially successful rappers of the last half decade, takes boasting to new heights as his often over the top lyrics actually match up with his extravagant lifestyle. Here is a brief recap of a few times his rap boasts were actually rooted in truth.

Where Ya At? 


“I’ll buy the neighbor’s house if they complain about the noise.”

In the latest incident of his rhymes being over the top yet accurate, last week multiple sources reported that Drizzy purchased the his neighbor’s house. Although the purchase actually took place last year about a month before the song was released it is still quite the feat.

Back to Back


                                             “You gon make me step out of my f*cking frame/You gon make me buy bottles for Charlamagne”

Last year, one of the hottest topics in hip-hop was the beef between Drake and Philly rapper Meek Mill. Things really got interesting when “Champagne Papi” released “Back to Back,” a catchy retort filled with cryptic and not so cryptic jabs. Within hours of the song dropping, Drake made good on his promise to Charlamagne tha God and his nickname--sending six bottles of Dom Perignon.

Summer 16


¨Golden State running practice at my house¨

It’s no secret that Drake loves sports. If you need proof just look at the dozens of pics of him cheesing from ear to ear whilehugged up next to his favorite athletes. Years of frequenting sideline seats and nightclubs filled with celebs has seen the Six God strike up several friendships with sports stars. Steph Curry admitted that he and few teammates took Drake up on offer to shoot some hoops at his luxurious California home.

Tuscan Leather


“The Fresh Prince just had dinner with Tatyana, no lie”

On the intro track to 2013’s Nothing Was the Same, Drake hinted at a date night with former Fresh Prince of Bel Air Star Tatyana Ali. In her role as Ashley Banks on the popular 90’s sitcom, a young Ali quickly became one of the largest targets of teen thirst on television. Shortly after the release of the mysterious Drake line, Ali made an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. When the topic of the Canadian pop sensation came up, she looked a bit flustered to say the least.

Summer 16


“I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay / Now I got a house in L.A., now I got a bigger pool than ‘Ye / And look, man, ‘Ye’s pool is nice, mine’s just bigger is what I’m sayin’.”

They don’t want you to have a pool bigger than Kanye but Drake does. But Kanye shouldn’t be take it personal. In a 2014 Rolling Stone interview, the rapper commented that one of his goals is having the biggest residential pools in the world.

Jerel Marshall

Written by Jerel Marshall

Jerel has covered sports, music and culture for the past 10 years. Whether writing on topics such as the Atlanta Hawks or the musical stylings of electric soul duo Honne, Jerel's work is always brimming with passion and honesty. Also, he'll probably beat you in 2K.

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