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Voting for "This is My Year" Fan-Challenge Week 4 is LIVE

Posted by Marcus Griffin on May 23
Three weeks ago we laucnched "This Is My Year" fan-challenge we're back again with 6 new artists! Thanks to all who voted last week and we encourgae you to particpate again. 

If you are unfamiliar, the "This Is My Year" fan challenge goes LIVE on the A3C Facebook Page with 6 new artists every Monday afternoon. A3C selects 6 artists (from Sonicbids submissions) but we believe the final decision belongs in the hands of the fans.  You can vote once a day and after voting ends, the two artists with the most votes will be invited to perform at 2016 A3C Festival & Conference.

If you are an artist and would like an opportunity to perform at the 2016 A3C Festival & Conference, you can submit today FOR FREE, until July 31st.  SUBMIT HERE

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This weeks artists include...

1. R.O.E - Brooklyn, NY

2. Matt Brevner - Vancover, Canada

3. DopeDiv - Detroit, Michigan

4. Cameron Murcdoch - Norfolk, Virginia

5. Y.B.S - Providence, Rhode Island 

6. NANCE - Wake Forest, North Carolina


Click the image below to vote...



R.O.E. - (@risingoverenvy)

Get to know the Brooklyn-based emcee R.O.E

 Watch "I Won"...




Matt Brevner - (@brevner)

Get to know the eclectic Canadian emecc Matt Brevner

Watch "All We Know"...





DopeDiv - (@itsdopediv)

Get to know the powerful trio DopeDiv

Watch "Dazed&Confused"...




Cameron Murcdoch - (@cammurdochjams)

Get to know the captivating tunes and rhythms of Cameron Murcdoch

Watch "Regular Guy"...





Y.B.S. - (@youngscholar)

Get to know the soulful sounds and lyrical wizardry of Y.B.S.

Watch "Fabrics"...




NANCE- (@cnancer)

Get to know the energizing sample-based sonics of NANCE

Watch "Go Off"...





Marcus Griffin

Written by Marcus Griffin

Marcus is a vibe curator, a GSU Alumni and an A&R for A3C.

Topics: Muisc, This Is My Year, Opportunities

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