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Submit Music: A Black History Month Music Project

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jan 20

Center for Civil and Human Rights is launching a new program in honor of Black History Month's 40th anniversary! 

Lets make sure there is some GREAT hip-hop represented.  Submit your tracks today.  Keep reading to find out how...

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Black History Month, the Center for Civil and Human Rights is filling the hall with sound!


The Center of Civil and Human Rights are looking for 40 songs, from all forms of African American music, to feature at the museum!

Help them inspire local visitors and folks from around the world with your sound and your story! 

The rules are as followed:

  1. ​Maximum 2 songs per submission

  2. ​Songs should be 3-6 minutes long

  3. ​Examples Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Rock, Folk, Classical, World, Pop- But feel free to surprise us with your out-of-the-box genius!

  4. ​In the spirit of celebrating history & culture, we ask that artists be mindful about the content of their music. Bring us any topic you feel important, however the work should be respectful of CCHR and our mission.

  5. ​Artists must be able to legally grant permission for public use of the recording- This includes the song/composition and the recording itself. 

  6. Songs must be submitted in mp3 format

  7. ​Submission Deadline: February 28th

Please fill out THIS form and e-mail your song to cchrmusic@civilandhumanrights.org.


The Blog Team

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