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Producing Hip-Hop with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE (presented by Native Instruments)

Posted by Isaiah Smart on Oct 10

The art of producing is an ever-growing trade that can be twisted and turned by both simple tweaks or complex turns. Native Instruments, one of music’s biggest brands in production equipment, took over SAE Institute to bring the A3C patrons a dose of the production world.Producing Hip-Hop with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE covered the basics of two of the most essential programs in popular production techniques in an interactive format. Not only did those that attended get a chance to hear the live demonstrations, but also a projected visual of the work allowed those in attendance to literally see what was going on.

 The Live Room set a perfect atmosphere for the seminar with plenty of room for nearly 100 spectators, a full stage full of Native Instrument products, a DJ setup, good AC and a loud sound system. It’s no surprise why SAE Institute students thrive in the setting and move on to do such great things; you can literally feel the creative freedom when you step off the elevator.

 Stoney, Mike Columbo, Isaace Hayes III and Sonny Digital participated in the discussion/demonstration by bringing their own styles and perspectives to the room.

 Stoney and Columbo would start the session off with some basic steps in sampling and adding music to beats in the creation process. The two played off each other with an original beat while giving the inside view of the process.

 Sonny Digital, one of Atlanta’s brightest producers, shifted the energy with his distinct creation process and Isaac Hayes III brought in an unreleased track from his father to premiere and chop up for those in attendance.

 The Native Instruments team crafted a demonstration that is sure to spark those not as adept with MASCHINE to work harder and for those already skilled to try some different techniques in their creations.

Isaiah Smart

Written by Isaiah Smart

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