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Grip Plyaz - The Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire

Posted by LuisReyes on May 24

Grip Plyaz

Just in time to introduce his first single + full length video "Step Out" with Aleon Craft (later in the week), Grip Plyaz teamed up with Motion Family & The Smoking Section to explain the concept behind 'Purp, Wind & Fire,' his upcoming album. Read more at The Smoking Section.

Grip Plyaz Explains Purp, Wind & Fire from Governed By Loyalty dot Com on Vimeo.

Look out for '6Pack vol. 1: A Prelude to Purp, Wind & Fire' next month.

Props to Kei


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: News, Grip Plyaz, Purp wind and fire, Aleon Craft, Motion Family

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