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El Da Sensei & The Returners - Toxic Words Featuring John Robinson & Reks

Posted by LuisReyes on Nov 5

"Toxic Words" featuring John Robinson & Reks is the third leak off El Da Sensei & The Returners GT2: Nu World album which dropped Oct. 12th through Coalmine Records and is available in select stores and iTunes. After the jump, peep the bonus footage of El Da Sensei's A3C performance which was part of Kevin Nottingham's Artist Showcase.

Download | GT2: Nu World here.

El Da Sensei & The Returners - "Toxic Words" (feat. John Robinson & Reks) by CoalmineRecords

Check out highlights of El Da Sensei's performance at the 2010 A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta. The footage is taken from El's Friday night performance which was part of Kevin Nottingham's artist showcase that included HiPNOTT, Hall Of Justus & Coalmine Records. El performs a few tracks off his new album 'GT2: Nu World' which is now available through Coalmine Records. Be sure to check out the end where Tame One jumps on stage and joins El for an Artifacts reunion!!


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: Toxic Words, News, the Returners, El Da Sensei, GT2: Nu World, A3C Update, John Robinson, Reks

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