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A3C Throwback

Posted by Jake Mayo on Jun 3

As the anticipation for A3C’s milestone 10th annual festival builds and we get closer to the event itself, here’s a look back at some of the artists that made 2013 the most formidable year to date. Just as A3C grows exponentially larger, so do the performing artists including IamSu!, Coke Boys rhymer Chinx, Phil Ade, Nacho Picasso, XXL Freshman Lil Durk , and Atlanta’s own Rocko, to name a few. While A3C continues to stand as Hip-Hop’s preeminent source of the culture’s legends, stars, and up & comers, its most underrated attribute is its ability to act in an A&R capacity. The promo, media coverage, and aptitude to break new artists, giving them the recognition they need to propel their individual brands and art, is truly A3C’s greatest triumph. Here’s a quick glimpse into what 2013 had to offer from an artist perspective, cementing it’s reputable nature as 2014 promises to be the most dynamic event yet.


Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

Topics: Lil Durk, Phil Ade, chinx, News, A3C hip hop festival 2013, Nacho Picasso, rocko, trailer, XXL Freshman 2014, A3C Alum, Video, IAMSU!

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