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My A3C: Chill Moody (Interview)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Jul 8


We took some time to catch up with Philadelphia's budding artist, Chill Moody. Here is what he had to say about last year's A3C Festival, what his experience was like, the fans perception of him and more.

Last time we saw you was in October, how have you been and what has life been like since the festival?

I've been great. A lot of things picked up after A3C and a good amount of those things are directly linked to my time at A3C.

How many years have you been attending A3C?

Last year was my first year attending.

What stage were you on at A3C and how did it come about?

I performed on a stage dedicated to all Philly artist, Yusuf Muhammad curated that. I also got to do a guest spot with the homies Tanya Morgan, that was dope.

Did the people of A3C embrace your music?

Yes, people were very receptive to the music, booked a couple shows in other cities strictly off of my A3C performance.

Philadelphia and Atlanta have two different type of atmospheres, whats the biggest difference to you?

I don't think I've been in Atlanta long enough to correctly answer that. I hear a lot of indie artist get records broken in the strip club first as opposed to say going to radio, that's definitely different than Philly.

Did you get to meet anyone at A3C that excited you as a fan?

I got to sit and chop it up with Amir (@Blamethelabel), I'm a fan of how that guy thinks. Was cool to talk, bounce ideas around, I think A3C was one of the first chances me and him got to just sit and chill and talk about our brands.

Explain to us the meaning of your nicethings slogan?

nicethings is all about appreciating whatever you have. No matter if you are driving a Benz or you made enough money to get a bus pass, appreciate that as "nicethings." It started out as just slang that my big cousins used, but it's now my company. Everything from apparel, artist management, brand consulting, all fall under my "nicethings" umbrella.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect from Chill Moody for the rest of 2014?

I currently have plans to release videos for the two singles I have out currently; Godzilla featuring Mike Zombie and Concrete Jungle featuring Mack Wilds. Should end the summer/start the fall that way. End of the year I've been in talks with a bunch of producers (Willie B, Pete Rock, Jahlil Beats, Wes Manchild) just trying figure it all out. Also just partnered with Cerebellum H2O and released my own "nicethings edition" cerebellum water, so I'll be hydrating everybody for the rest of the year.

Will you be attendting A3C this year for our 10th anniversary in October?

That's the plan.

What is your advice for someone attending A3C for the first time this year?

The concerts are cool, but go to the panels, they are most important.

What would you say sets A3C apart from other festivals?

It's like a special bond all the artist attending share for a weekend, you can be talking to a Chill Moody one second and then 9th Wonder the next, and it's just all love. Nobody is down there fronting, it's actually people building for the greater good, that's rare.

What does an event like A3C mean to an artist like yourself?

It means opportunity. A annual chance to continue to build my brand, touch new fans, make new connections.

Find Chill Moody Here: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook | Website

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Lauren Lo

Written by Lauren Lo

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