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Official A3C 2015 Food Guide - Curated by Dillon & LOBSTERDAMUS

Posted by Big Andy on Oct 5

This year we asked A3C Alumni Dillon to help guide hungry A3C attendees towards filled bellies.

He did not disappoint...



In his own words:

     Peace ya’ll. Welcome to the A...3C My name is Dillon Vaughan Maurer - you can just call me Dillon. I rap, make beats & such…and I’m also a personal chef (kinda). Today, I’m acting as your ambassador to all things food in this great city of Atlanta. Well not all things - just the things that I care about & what may come through in the clutch while you’re here. Truly, you could come to Atlanta strictly on a food vacation. But since you’re here for the hip hop - Imma hold you down.

    By no means is this likkle food guide I’ve curated in any way comprehensive. I zeroed in on the neighborhoods where A3C is being held (Edgewood & East Atlanta Village) & where you can get late night bites. For most spots, I’ve highlighted whatever vegan/vegetarian options may be available. See, I’m what you may call a ‘picky eater’  - I’m mainly a veg type dude, but I do eat seafood as well. Just the good stuff though. So yeah,  i’m passing on my tried & true knowledge of Atlanta’s bubbling food scene on to you. Use it wisely - and eat well. 





Video Credit: Charles Gilbert for A Walk Among Giants

Big Andy

Written by Big Andy

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