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Zoey Dollaz and Sonny Digital Shut Down Vibe Magazine’s The Fresh Pack Showcase

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Oct 18

IMG_3565.jpgPhoto credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media & Services

Vibe Magazine hosted its “Fresh Pack” showcase at the Music Room in downtown Atlanta. There was no surprise to see that the line to the show was completely wrapped around the block. The night included great performances from artist such as YK Gotti, Johnny Brooks, Fortie Bowie, and J Pasos. In attendance, were prominent individuals of the Vibe Magazine family, and even Motion Family’s Diwang Valdez. For those who missed out, the night was one with great vibes and energy as artist showcased their considerable talents.

IMG_3568.jpgPhoto credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media & Services

Amongst the many performances that stood out, Zoey Dollaz’s was surely at the top of the list. The Haitian rapper, who recently signed to Future’s Free Band label, performed hits from his recent project titled, “Port-AU-Prince.” This artist brought the heat with tracks like “Taxi” featuring Future, and “Couches” produced by Jahlil Beats. The best attribute of Zoey Dollaz is that despite his trap/violent approach on records, he promotes nothing but positivity during his shows. Between Dollaz’s set, he would consistently stop his performance just to tell aspiring artist in the crowd to never give up on their dreams. “ We grow up in Hati with literally nothing, but we still keep a smile on our faces,” stated Dollaz. “ Being here in America you guys should have no excuse when it comes to chasing your dreams to the fullest.”

IMG_3553.jpgPhoto credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media & Services

Once Zoey Dollaz left the stage, the atmosphere almost entirely changed when Sonny Digital hit the stage. The young prodigy opened up his performance by playing some of the hits he’s produced over the years like “Racks on Racks” by artist YC, “Same Damn Time,” by Future, and “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” by ILoveMakonnen. After sharing his favorite records amongst his beat catalog, Digital announced that he would be focusing much more on his career as a rap artist.” I really feel like I’m making a good business move at this point in my career," said Digital. “ You will continue to hear beats produced by me, but you’ll also be hearing a lot more raps from me.”

Sonny Digital’s rap and production style compliment one another in a way that is almost unrealistic. No, beleive me that's how good it is. Anyone who was present in the crowd can agree that it was a complete shock to hear how well Sony Digital flowed on songs like “Lenox Square,” and “ On Me," which were all produced by Digital. Digital’s style can best be described as a set of various trap-influenced melodies infused with party rap. Despite the style of his music, Sonny Digital has impressively captured the balance between creating hard music with great lyrics.

IMG_3554.jpgPhoto credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media & Services

Records by Digital like “50 on My Wrist,” have already accumulated over 1 million streams on Soundcloud. If interested, all of Sonny Digital’s most recent tracks are on his project titled “ G.O.A.T.,” which is sponsored by Hennessey. Do yourself a favor, and make sure you aren’t part of the group of individuals who decides to jump on the Sonny Digital bandwagon.

Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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