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Here's Why Zaytoven Thinks Relevancy is More Important Than Getting Paid

Sierra Brown
Posted by Sierra Brown on Jul 28

yvxg6ixrdailoevuao32.jpgNot to sound like a grumpy old-head, but technology has disrupted every pore in our lives, including music. Thanks to online streaming services like Soundcloud, Spotify, TIDAL and Apple Music, artists can avoid the record labels to reach success. Good for the artist. Not so good for the producer.

The streaming services flood the music pool with over-saturation and conformity. This devalues the role of people who make the music. Rappers will record over “-type beats,” like “Mike Will type beats” or “Zaytoven type beats,” DJ Burn One said in an interview.

Instead of making a big check off one project, producers like DJ Burn One, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital are finding other ways to make money. Sometimes, it’s okay to not be paid for a track. In an interview with Pigeons & Planes on “why being relevant is more important than getting paid,” Zaytoven said it’s all about the opportunity.

"I look at projects as projects that will keep me relevant and projects that keep my name on fire. I don't look at it for how I'm going to get paid for it,” Zaytoven said in the interview. “Being relevant and being hot means more than all the right publishing stuff and all that is because it's different avenues of getting paid..."

Watch the full interview below.

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Sierra Brown

Written by Sierra Brown

Sierra Brown is a multimedia journalist from Atlanta, Ga., covering music and pop culture.

Topics: Sonny Digital, Zaytoven, Beat Stars Summit

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