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Young Thug's album cover shakes up the internet

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Aug 29


Young Thug shook up the internet recently when he revealed the cover art for his debut album. Hip-Hop has intergrated with high fashion with artists like A$AP Rocky. Young Thug is taking it into a completely new direction and his cover art shows that. Without any reserve, Thug poses while wearing a blue dress and an essentric head piece on his album cover. This isn't the first time he stirred up the Hip-Hop scene with his fashion, and it probably won't be his last. Naturally, when the cover art was revealed, social media went crazy.

Some people have shown their support for Thug and tweeted messages of encouragement. Thug's fans have been very outspoken about being inclusive and adjusting gender roles that society have put in place. They have freely shared their thoughts about masculinity and how they feel Thug is challenging the idea of it being fragile.


While there are those who are all for Young Thug's gender fluidity, others are not here for it. Many people, are opposed to Thug's dress wearing or done right confused by it. 

Whether you are opposed or supportive of Young Thug's choice to wear a dress for his album cover, many people are saying that the music on the album is worth listening to. Of course, there are people who will disagree with the music too, but Young Thug seems to be sitting pretty on top of the world.  



Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: young thug, Jeffery

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