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Yac House Entertainment excels during veli brand and friends showcase

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Oct 10

DSC_0012-1.jpgPhoto Credit: Brianna for A3C media services

It is always a pleasure to find new rap songs and groups. Most people take pride in finding new talent and being the first to put their friends on. Veli Brand has turned that into a business. As an event production company, Veli Brand knows how to give young artist a platform, and a chance to shine. There is no better place for that other than A3C Festival. The Veli Brand and Friends showcase had artists who were looking to take that next step in their careers. Hosted by the lovely Junae Brown, the showcase flowed at a steady pace thanks to her. DJ Anthony Somebody kept the perfect vibe with his song selection and mixing skills. 

First to rock the mic was an artist by the name of Floyd. A Cobb County native, Floyd showed a lot of confidence for hitting the stage first even though he stated he was nervous. Floyd had a lot of energy, but his performance was not over the top.

There was one group who seemed to have the songs and the drive to leave A3C in a better position than when they arrived. Yac House Entertainment is a collective hailing from Philly. Right from the start the they showed no fear of performing. The first act from the collective was Gedo, the only one who is not from Philly. The Chicago native hit the stage hard making his presence felt and demand the crowds attention. “If you don't know my name just call me the best” is what he declared setting a tone for the rest of the set. He only performed one song, but that was all he needed for and introduction.


Photo Credit: Brianna for A3c media services

Following Gedo, was Wise Vega and I Know Brasco. Both artists brought a lot of energy to the stage. True Philly natives, you could hear the grittiness of their voices and music.

The last solo act in the collective, News Huddle took the stage with the same confidence as his counterparts, if not more. His song “Flexin” has the potential to go viral if heard by the right people.

To close out the Yac House set, all four artists hit the stage to perform a track that was fitting for A3C, considering this year's theme. The track is titled ‘96 Draft” and it references Allen Iverson being drafted to the Philly 76ers that year.

Judging from their performance, Yac House definitely is worth the time to listen. Don't be surprised to see and hear from these guys again. 
Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Veli Brand, Yac House Ent

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