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Watch Hefna Qwap Bring His "Elegant Caviar" to A3C

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Sep 29


A3C Alumni, Hefna Gwap is returning to this year’s A3C Festival & Conference. He was born and raised in East Palo Alto, California and soon relocated to Brooklyn, New York after attending Berkley Digital Film Institute. He was able to bring his Bay Area style to the big city and gain a solid fan base that would set him apart from many other artists in the city. SXSW featured him on their SoundCloud stage in 2014 as a Premier Partner by averaging over two million downloads. This is a major feat for any independent artist in the industry.

Hefna Gwap has displayed his talent on many big stages including the Smokers Club tour and several A3C showcases. After moving to Atlanta, he was able to gain the attention of several super producers in the city such as Cheeze Beatz, TM88, Honorable C Note, and Anonymous. Hefna has been building a dope catalog with several projects such as Dezigna Scalez hosted by DJ Scream, The Influence Vol. 2, and European Tic Tacs EP with Kyle Rapps.

Be sure to catch this dope artist perform on our Keys To The Streets showcase. Download our mobile app to keep set your schedule for all your favorite events.

A3C presents Keys To The Streets
Saturday, October 8th @ 8:00 PM
Aisle 5 (Old 4th Ward)

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