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Veli Brand Building Impressive Legacy with Nationwide Showcases

Jerel Marshall
Posted by Jerel Marshall on Sep 12


In less than two years Veli Brand has become one of the most intriguing event production companies in Philadelphia. Led by the 23-year-old Imowo “Veli” Udo-Utun, the company has put on several showcases since forming in 2014. Veli Brand strives to create opportunities for artists to display their talents on local and national stages. This year, Veli Brand is linking up with A3C to bring a show to Atlanta.

Veli got his start in the music world after his career as a college athlete. Motivated to outdo the jock stereotype placed on many athletes, Veli decided to start managing artists right after college despite not having any prior experience. He quickly learned as much as he could about the industry by reading and meeting other professionals. As Veli began to build relationships with curators, label reps and other players in the music industry, he began to add to the services he offered his artists.

Veli’s first venture into event production came at the Philly Sound Sessions in 2014 which earned “Top Nightlife” honors from Complex Magazine. Since the he has had a chance to co-produce shows all across the country including the cities of Atlanta, Boston and New York.

Veli Brand is equipped to handle all aspects of event curation. That includes, DJing, hosting, stage management, venue booking and more. The company also specializes in tour management, helping up and coming artists plan shows all around the U.S. Additionally, Veli Brand is in charge of managing Los Angeles based DJ Bluetooh and Boston bred rapper Gio Dee.

Despite an unprecedented amount of success in a short time span, Veli is always looking for ways to bring Veli Brand to the next level. Check out the Veli Brand & Friends Showcase at this year’s A3C Festival & Conference.

Jerel Marshall

Written by Jerel Marshall

Jerel has covered sports, music and culture for the past 10 years. Whether writing on topics such as the Atlanta Hawks or the musical stylings of electric soul duo Honne, Jerel's work is always brimming with passion and honesty. Also, he'll probably beat you in 2K.

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