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Tunecore: How We Help Artists Make Money

Civonne Ray
Posted by Civonne Ray on Oct 5

With Hip-hop now standing as the largest music streaming genre, of course TuneCore had to have a presence Atlanta’s A3C Conference and Festival.

TuneCore is the best way for independent artist to sell their music on digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more while keeping 100% of their income. For every aspiring artist, one of the number one concerns are “how do I make a profit from my music as independent?” Interviewed by Senior Executive Director of the Recording Academy of Atlanta, Michele Caplinger, TuneCore CEO, Scott Ackerman was able to provide all answers.

Just to give you an idea of how many artists they work with, 40% of those who attend SXSW and 60% of artists at A3C are TuneCore artists. Just by a show of hands you could see there were artists in the room who used the service. TuneCore will be the first in the industry to revenue a billion dollars in digital store sales while allowing 100% of the money to go back to the artists. “We’re currently at about 992 million and should hit our goal in about 3 weeks.” Ackerman says.

The technology company essentially provide 360 services, to educate artists on how to us TuneCore tools to grow their fanbase and receive more income. Their tools such as the master tool which allows you to mix and master your beat instantly and the fan review tool that allows fans to let you know if your music is hot or not are just some of the ways their services are very beneficial to artists. His advice for aspiring music professionals is to create great content, take your time, and look at your daily reporting sales to build your fan base.

Caplinger asks “If you could describe TuneCore in one word what would it be?” “Opportunity” Ackerman responds. “We provided a platform to create opportunity for our artists.” The CEO says there are new initiatives on the horizon for TuneCore as they continue to grow and provide more tools on their dashboard for social media and sales.

To learn more about career development and music promotions from industry experts be sure to check out their "music made me" talks throughout the duration on the A3C conference.

Civonne Ray

Written by Civonne Ray

Civonne is a music, art & culture connoisseur who brings captivating insight to the A3C Editorial Team. She also works as a Music Designer at Mood Media & Freelance Graphic Artist. Don't touch her hair CivonneRay.com

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