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The DIY Musician Conference Schedule is Live!

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jun 6


diy 2The 2019 DIY Musician Conference Schedule is Live!View Here. 

Our schedule is built to help you make, market, and monetize your music:

  • Make music: Take advantage of our songwriting workshops, production classes, one-on-one mentoring, and opportunities to collaborate with other writers.
  • Market music: Learn about effective strategies to target new fans online, run smarter social ad campaigns, build an email list that makes you money, book better tours, get your songs onto big playlists, and more.
  • Monetize music: Find out how to put your entire music catalog to work, collect the most revenue possible from sync, publishing, Content ID, streaming and beyond    and do most of it on auto-pilot!

Note: This isn't the finalized conference schedule. We'll continually update the schedule as new sessions are confirmed!



The Blog Team

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