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Producing, Songwriting, & Selling: A Beatstar's Guide to A3C

Posted by Darralyn Buford on Sep 19

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There's more to producing than just making the beats. At A3C, artists can develop themselves through the Beatstars Summit and learn how to sell music and themselves, make and pitch beats, etc.

Building a brand, growing a business, and making a living has been difficult for many music makers. Beatstars has changed the game. The Beatstars Summit aims to empower music makers to become entrepreneurs and create new  and innovative revenue streams.

At the Beatstar's Summit, artists will get the chance to network with peers and Hip Hop’s most influential music industry professionals, experiment with the newest hardware, software, and technology and even create new music and collaborate with Hip Hop’s most talented artists.

“The Beatstars Producer Summit is going to give artists the tools, connections and knowledge they need to be successful in the creative economy. We are fans of Beatstars and applaud them for creating a platform that helps music makers be entrepreneurs. It’s amazing how fast they’ve grown. They have paved a new path forward for music makers. It’s another example of technology disrupting the music industry.”  - Mike Walbert (Partner/Director of A3C)

Featured Speakers ranging from Sonny Digital, Brian- Michael Cox, Zaytoven, Don Cannon, Street Runner, and many more. Beatstars is holding several panel events on monetizing online music, live beat making, producer feedback, and marketing music. There will also be a Beat Pitch with one of A3C '17's top performers Kodie Shane, where artists get one minute to impress Kodie Shane, and get get feedback right on the spot! Make sure you're in the building for these major networking events going down at the A3C '17 Festival and Conference.

Get tickets to this conference track and others here!

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Darralyn Buford

Written by Darralyn Buford

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