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The Beat Junkies put a display of true turntablism

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Oct 12

DSC_0704-1.jpgPhoto Credit: Joseph Tiller for A3C media services

After waiting for about 15 minutes, the gates to rounds were opened allowing the final day of the A3C Festival & Conference to commence. Walking toward the DJ House stage, Mr. Choc and Melo-D of the Beat Junkies were already warming up as was the weather. It was a great day to enjoy good music provided but Hip-Hop icons.

Created in Los Angeles, in 1992, The Beat Junkies are one of the most legendary DJ crews to have been formed. At the A3C festival grounds, founding member DJ Babu, alon with Melo-D and Mr. Choc showed the audience that they have mastered the art of DJing. With each of them having over 20 years of experience, spinning records has become second nature. They were making it look as easy as breathing. The Beat Junkies were hitting cuts and back spins without being a second premature or lagging. As the three rotated on and off the turntables, you sometimes lost track of who was actually playing. From the moment the gates opened, the Beat Junkies kept an endless stream of tunes as they cascaded one track into another. The essence of Hip-Hop was on display as Melo-D, Babu and Mr. Choc, played tracks from Wu-tang, Biggie, Talib Kweli, MOP, Gang Starr, and some break beats that would have made b-boys lose their minds. 

The crowd remained small but engaged. It was mostly older Hip-Hop fans with a few 20-somethings in the mix. The crowd never growing past 50 people, which caused me to worry about the craft not getting the respect it deserves. Without the DJ, Hip-Hop would not exist, and in turn, neither would the A3C Festival & Conference. Those who were there enjoyed the show while standing or from the comfort of one of the couches that were placed in front of the stage. Even Run the Jewels', Trackstar the DJ was in attendance.     
DSC_0652.jpgPhoto Credit: Joseph Tiller for A3C media services

Without missing a beat, The Beat Junkies showed A3C what true turntablism is and introduced to some the Beat Junkie sound. When noticing what Melo-D’s t-shirt said, it dawned on me, that The Beat Junkies were no longer DJs. Anyone can be a DJ this day and age, with the technology out now, that’s easy, but only the great ones graduate to become turntablist.

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: turntablism, The Beat Junkies

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