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Sy Ari Da Kid knows a thing or two about "Priorities"

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Sep 21


As an artist, producer and label manager, Sy Ari Da Kid is making history as Hip-hop’s newest Jack of All Trades. He’s kept his priorities balanced in order to become Atlanta’s biggest up-and-coming music professional.

Sy Ari Da Kid first gained momentum in Atlanta from his 11 consecutive victories on Hot 107.9’s Battle Grounds.  Battle Grounds is an on-air cypher competition, on Atlanta’s top Hip-hop station, in which callers call in to pick their favorite emcee.  Sy Ari’s heat not only caught the attention of Atlanta Hip-hop fans, but also of Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer Bryan-Michael Cox.  Cox recognized Da Kid’s raw talent and signed him to his label December First Publishing Group as a producer.

And yes, in addition to spitting on the mic, Da Kid is also proficient on the boards.  He mastered Pro Tools in order to produce and learn how to record his own music.  He has also founded his own record label Arrogant Music with business partner Slim Dunkin.

After moving to Atlanta at the age of 9, Sy Ari was able to embrace the southern culture while staying true to his New York roots.  He’s the perfect blend of the Bronx and southern Hip-hop and this sound is reflected through his music.  From his first project in 2011 to now, Da Kid has released 13 mixtapes in the past five years.  His latest mixtape, B4 The Heartbreak was released this February and featured vocals from Bryson Tiller, Tink and more.

Under the direction of his manager, Diana Schweinbeck, Sy Ari Da Kid is building his fan base as he performs at venues across the country.  He has over a million plays on Sound Cloud and counting.  With his newest collaborations with Atlanta’s own K. Camp and the Migos, his career is pushing in the right direction.  Atlanta’s only gotten a taste of what Sy Ari can bring and this year at A3C he’ll be able to show Hip-hop fans that he’s only getting started. 


The Fan base presented by Schweinbeck LLC & Tha Cool Club

Thursday October 6th @ 10:00 PM

Warehouse on Auburn (Upstairs) (Old 4th Ward)

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

Topics: Artist

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