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Sunglasses & Advil | HennyPalooza Was Mad Real

Cora Taft
Posted by Cora Taft on Oct 10

Last night was mad real. I didn’t have sunglasses & advil, but I do have to write this article.

So, HennyPalooza was a movie. Although, I’ve heard a lot about the event, I didn’t know how lit it actually was. A few us writers & photographers hopped in the car & made our way to East Atlanta Village. The venue was off in the cut and I’m not from Atlanta, so I never would've found it on my own.

There was a line when we arrived with people eager to get in the door. Here’s to the friend that I made in line, I don’t know his name but he was lit. Photo By Chris Clay

The ticket price was $40 but it was well worth it. After about 10 minutes we were in the door and ready to enjoy this experience.

First stop, the bar! So after observing, we realized that everything was free. Yes, free. So it was an ultimate lituation! Ordered a few Henny & Cokes, Henny & Pineapple (which was surprisingly good) and Henny anything pretty much. There were even water guns filled with Hennessey that I may or may not have taken apart in.

So if you’ve attended an HBCU, you know that Swag Surf by F.L.Y. is the national anthem! F.L.Y performed the song about 3 times! I can’t lie, it was weird hearing the song longer than the first minute but it still caused a bonding effect within the crowd. Stalley came through as well, just chilling as always.

Photo by Chris Clay

In the bathroom, I ran into this fly guy that was cleaning off his shoe because someone stepped on it. Rule #1541516545 : Never wear your fresh kick to the club including to HennyPalooza. Most people were dressed down and like always there were a few ladies with heels on.

When we left, there were still people waiting outside to get in the building. Some people were being taken out by undercover police officers , who weren’t really undercover because they had badges on.  I guess it’s for the safety of the turn up.

Overall HennyPalooza was a lituation and if you weren’t in the building I feel bad for you.

Photo By Chris Clay


Cora Taft

Written by Cora Taft

Topics: hennypalooza, a3c16

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