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Stankonia Studios Presents: Live From the Mothership With Performances by Yani Mo, Go Dreamer, and Ziggy2playa

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Oct 7
DSC09769_2.jpgPhoto credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services
What a great way to start the first day of the 2016 A3C Festival & Conference! At the "Live from the Mothership" showcase presented by Stankonia Studios, many great acts took the stage and left audiences with memorable experiences. In attendance were the one and only Big Boi of Outkast, Organized Noise, and super producer Jazze Pha. 
Photo credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services
The night started off with the perfect atmosphere as artist Yani Mo delivered conscious rhymes over neo-soul production. It is hard to pinpoint Yani Mo’s style because she does great in so many genres. Her smooth and mellow vibes were an excellent way to start off the showcase as she sang and rapped over several up-tempo beats with compelling flows.
Photo credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services

After performing many songs off her project titled “Space & Simplicity,” Ziggy2playa ran to the stage to get the crowd hype with his new hit titled “Back To The Deli.” This is probably the first time I saw an artist pass out deli sandwiches during a performance.  Once Ziggy2playa got on stage, the whole atmosphere changed from 0 to 100. 
DSC09588_2.jpgPhoto credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services
The next performer made sure not to disappoint as he came out swinging dreads and throwing hands up. Artist Johnny Apollo is definitely an artist who knows how to follow an act and keep the energy up while also giving audiences something entirely different and fresh. Rock-influenced track “Shut the Fuvk Up,” was the perfect blend between trap and rock music that was enough to keep audiences on their feet. Johnny Apollo continued with tracks like “ Whole Lotta Money,” and “Limit.” 
DSC00032.jpgPhoto credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services
Overall,  It was nice to see such a variety of talented artist with such different sounds and vibes. Unlike much of the music that is released today, each performer brought something unique to this showcase. However, the most entertaining performer of them all was "Weerdo" rapper Go Dreamer. Equipped with funky lyrics on top of pop-style instrumentation, GoDreamer represents individuality that is similar to many past members of the Dungeon Family like Andre 3000 and Big Gipp. GoDreamer is an artist that is sure to suck you in with his outrageous flows and content.  Many other artists like Apollo Brown & Skyzoo, Renegade El Rey, Kap G, and Scotty ATL came through to shut down the stage at Stankonia Studios. 
Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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