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DJ Booth's "Top Prospects" Showcase was freakin Lit

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Oct 7


Photo Credit: Brandon Davis of A3C Media Services

DJ Booth teamed up with this year’s A3C Festival & Conference to bring us their “Top Prospects” showcase. The show featured their quarterly spotlight artists who came and blessed the stage at Aisle 5 with versatile talent and sound. The lucky artists to be presented were K.A.A.N, Kelechi, Innanet James, Kweku Collins, and Dave B along with mixes from DJ TGUT.

IMG_3352.jpgPhoto Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C 

Kelechi was a standout act as he opened up the show with a live band consisting of a keyboardist, drummer, and bass guitarist. It was refreshing to hear a dope live performance from a hip-hop artist, especially an Atlanta native. His performance displayed a heavenly array of uplifting lyrics and crowd interaction that urged everyone in attendance to participate. Kelechi presented his Nigerian roots well with the performances of “Immigrant Son,” “Reaching,” and “It’s Alright” all featured on his latest album “Before The Quarter.”

IMG_3351.jpgPhoto Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

K.A.A.N was another exciting artist to watch and defiantly brought high energy and lyricism to the show. The Maryland-born MC gave the crowd more of a gritty attitude filled with bars and a sporadic cadence that left you trying to keep up with every word. You were able to hear how much hard work was put into developing a unique flow of speed and rhythm as well as clarity.

Each artist brought a taste of their personality to the stage providing the listeners with a good mixture of sound to enjoy. As the night went on the crowd remained engaged with each artist providing an overall pleasant listening experience. Stay tuned for more incredible talent to be displayed at A3C this week.

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