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Speakers Share Knowledge on the Importance of Building Fans on Youtube

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Oct 10

At the “How to Grow a Fanbase on YouTube” panel, audiences received information about how artists and videographers can gain more exposure through social media platforms like Youtube. Present amongst the speakers were G herbo’s manager Jane Jennings, Videographer Zae from Azaeproductions, Zae's manager Lyrical, and Youtube expert Shane Gill of Opposition TV.


 Photo credit : Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services 

During the panel,  Gill shed light on just how important it is for entertainers to take advantage of every social media platform, especially Youtube. According to Gill, Youtube is still considered the number one music search engine in the entire world.  “Artists don’t realize how important their video title is, as well as the keywords used in the video’s description,” says Gill.  “You will benefit more as an artist by from paying more attention to how you present your brand.” 

Zae with Azaeproductions added that building a fan base first starts with providing viewers with engaging and consistent content. Zae expressed how he started his fanbase by merely shooting video recps of local concerts in Chicago, as well as content that he felt viewers wanted to see like vlogs. “ Even the most simplest of videos can gain the most views if done right,” says Zae. If you are consistent, fans will click on your videos just to find out what you’re doing next.” Zae's manager Lyrical also believes that it is vital to give fans what they want so they can build a trust in the brand you are presenting. Ultimately, fans have to believe in what you are doing to support it to its full potential. 


 Photo credit : Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

How to make money from Youtube?

Gill made it known that there are various ways to generate income from placing content on Youtube. Gill suggested that YouTube users get accustom to understanding how “third party uploads” work, and how fans can help an artist make more money than they could from their own uploads. When fans start uploading an artist's content on their own youtube channel, that artist makes money. Gill also made a great point about brand deals , and capitalizing from videos through the use of product placement. 

As I’m sure many of you can tell, the “How to Grow a Fanbase on Youtube” was an excellent panel with great speakers who dropped much knowledge. Stay tuned for many other highlights of our panels at this year ‘sA3C Festival & Conference!


Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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