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Schweinbeck LLC and Tha Cool Club Bring 'The Fanbase' to Auburn Ave

Ashley Vance
Posted by Ashley Vance on Oct 7

(Eson for A3C Media Sevices)(Eson for A3C Media Sevices)

Diana Schweinbeck  LLC and Tha Cool Club managed to present yet another showcase reminding us of how much we love southern hip-hop culture.

The room was packed airtight, but so was the set list. The collaboration successfully delivered Starlito, O.J. Da JuiceMan, Scotty ATL, Sy Ari Da Kid, and Damar Jackson among other talent acts all to perform on one stage. Scotty ATL earned the rights to his name by helping pack a nice chunk of Atlanta into the Warehouse on Auburn. By midnight, A3C fans were crowded around the stage and it didn't take much time for everyone to lose sight of the concept of elbow room. 

I had the chance to follow up with one of the stage curators, Diana Schweinbeck, who describes her role in hip-hop as simply "someone to know in ATL." From events to branding, she's done it all; breaking artist and conducting business in the most proper way she knows how. 

Here's what she had to say about "The Fanbase" on Auburn: 
A3C: What was your favorite moment (or moments) from last nights' show?

Schweinbeck: "I enjoyed the whole show - we were blessed to have such an amazing line-up."

A3C: This particular showcase has been buzzing for weeks now. Which of last nights' acts would you say the crowd was looking forward to the most?

Schweinbeck: "Everyone was really excited about Starlito - he doesn't have many shows in ATL so I feel a good bit of the crowd came out for him."

A3C: How would you describe Sy Ari's unique stage presence?

Schweinbeck: "Sy knows how to entertain, especially through his lyrics. He has an amazing talent!"

What are some of the things you look for in an Artist that you'd represent?

Schweinbeck: "Talent and belief. It all starts with belief and I don't mean just me believing in the artist, but also the artist believing in me as their manager."

A3C: Damara Jackson is taking off right before everyone's eyes. What can we expect from him next?

Schweinbeck: "Expect the unexpected! We have some big things up our sleeves and also some crazy records we haven't released yet."

If you were at the performance and enjoyed the show, be sure to stay in the loop with Schweinbeck LLC  or Tha Cool Club to learn more about their upcoming projects.

Ashley Vance

Written by Ashley Vance

Vance is A3C's Editor-in-Chief. Working as an Atlanta-based content guru, she dedicates her free time to helping artists build lasting brands.

Topics: Music, Events, Music Industry

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