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Ryan Leslie’s innovative app will change the way you communicate

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Oct 7

RYAN.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

The genius business man, music mogul and tech entrepreneur Ryan Leslie showed A3C the smarter way to build a professional network. His app, Super Phone allows users to build a stronger network of people through a specific phone line.class.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Ryan Leslie gave the class the opportunity to gain access to the currently private application.  He walked the class through the steps of creating an account and into the basics of how to get started. The app allowed the class to obtain a phone number that they can give out when they network. The person who receives the number will then text the number and get a smart message back that gives them option to fill out an information form to be locked into their network. 

happy.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

He explained that this allows users to obtain data about their their network’s birthdays, regions, social media handles, emails, and how they met.  By doing this, users are able to group people and send out targeted messages, while also keeping better track of who they are. “If I took any random phone and went through contacts, nine times out of 10…they don’t have first name, last name, email, cell phone, zip code, Instagram, Twitter, Job Title, Birthday, Company, etc.,” explained Leslie.  Super Phone would solve this problem and simplify the work you have to do to solve it.

ryan_2.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Leslie spoke about the inspiration for the app and how he came up with the idea.  He said it began when he used to send fans text messages to personally thank them for purchasing his albums. When he figured out that he was sending the same messages over and over again, he knew that he was determined to create an easier way.

He explained that the Superphone also customizes messages to make them more personal and gives a 2-10minute human emulated delay time so that people don’t just assume that they’re receiving an automated message. “Whether I asked you personally or not, which one of your favorite artists even programmed a robot to ask you to buy his album and [then] thank you later?” said Leslie.

ryan-1.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Ryan Leslie explained that he continues to expand his network through this app and now he’s better able to build relationships and to stay in touch with over 40,000 contacts. He described the many other tools that the app can track such as who’s buying your albums, who’s investing in your businesses, who’s buying concert tickets and more. Leslie advised users to, “Let Superphone people be the people you’d be willing to pay for.”  The people in the Super Phone network are the people that users truly want to build relationships with.

This new app is on the verge of changing the way people communicate and build relationships in their network. Users will spend less time searching for contacts that they need access to. Although the app is not yet available, Leslie gave everyone in his Masterclass access to this new product. With more features to come, the Super Phone could easily be the next big thing to hit the technology world. 

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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