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Q&A with Tracy Maddux, CEO of CD Baby

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jul 26

We had the opportunity to gather insight from the leader of the largest online distributor of independent music in the world, CEO of CD Baby, Tracy Maddux. We are excited to partner with CD Baby this year! The company has become such a great tool for artists everywhere. To learn more about their path, check out our interview with their CEO below:

tracymaddux - CD Baby

- CEO Tracy Maddux

A3C: Why did you choose to get into the music distribution industry?

I really enjoy all aspects of working in music. I haven’t been a performing artist since I was in marching band. But my mother was a music teacher when I was growing up and my uncle who I’ve always looked up to is a songwriter and wildly creative guy.  I consider it huge honor and privilege to work among creators.

A3C: What about the music distribution industry do you find most exciting?

Probably the most fun I’m having right now is helping artists figure out how to build a fan base utilizing social media – so the promotional aspects of music. We’ve got some really exciting new tools we’ll be rolling out over the next 6 months that will turn some heads. 

A3C: Where do you see the music distribution industry in the next 2-3 years?

Distribution is just a commodity, like a public utility. Distributors who aren’t helping artists build their careers, promote their music and connect directly with fans will be out of business or obsolete. Like a public utility that only connects power to one room in your house = not that useful. Our job is to light it all up!

A3C: Is there anything you’re working on (that you can share) that you’re excited about releasing in 2019?

Watch for what we’re about to launch in the Ads space. Check out www.show.co where you’ll get a good idea of what we’ve already built and what we’re about to launch.

A3C: What can we expect from CD Baby in the next 6 months? 

Big changes, new products and more value delivered to artists who choose to use our platforms.

A3C: What differentiates you from your competitors?

For one, you can call us. 1-800-BUY-MYCD. We’ve been at the same number for 20 years. Oh, and we pay weekly and haven’t missed a payment in 20 years. And when you call us, you’ll be speaking with other artists and songwriters who know this space. 

A3C: What are you doing that’s innovative?

Helping artists connect directly with fans with tools like HearNow and www.show.co.

A3C: What motivates and drives you to continue to improve and innovate?

Our vision. We aspire to be the most valuable and trusted provider of services to artists in the world. I believe in this deeply as do my teammates.

A3C: What is a lesson that you’ve learned from a challenge? 

You can never stop learning, adapting, changing.

Make sure you meet Tracy Maddux at Creator Complex on October 11th @ A3C Conference presented by CD Baby. 



CD Baby is the largest global digital distributor of independent music. The largest publishing rights administrator in the world. One of the most trusted names in the music business,
and the go-to resource for educational information concerning music promotion, distribution, and rights management.


Our mission is simple: we help musicians make money from their music. Today there are more ways to do that than ever before.
As our name suggests, CD Baby started in 1998 as an online CD store. We operate out of Portland, Oregon and have offices in New York and London.  

Track Record

CD Baby represents over 650,000 recording artists, 100,000 songwriters, half a million albums, and more than 7 million tracks across 800+ genres. We’ve paid out more than $500 million to independent musicians, songwriters, and labels for:

- streams and download sales on over 150 popular digital music platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, etc.)
- CD and vinyl sales
- YouTube ad revenue
- sync licensing fees
- worldwide publishing royalty collection, including mechanical royalties for streams and more


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