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Q&A with Deisha Barnett, Chief Brand and Communications Officer of MAC, ChooseATL

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Sep 9

We had the opportunity to gain perspective from the Chief Brand and Communications Officer of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, ChooseATL, Deisha Barnett. We are honored to partner with ChooseATL this year! MAC and ChooseATL enhance the essence of A3C's creative culture in Atlanta and have partnered to present, Tracklanta. To learn more about MAC & ChooseATL, check out our interview with their Chief Brand and Communications Officer:


- Deisha Barnett, Chief Brand and Communications 

A3C: What can we expect from ChooseATL in the next six months?

ChooseATL has been going strong for nearly five years, and we’re very proud of the progress we’ve made when it comes to telling metro Atlanta’s story. Our approach focuses on the unique combination of careers, community and culture that set us apart from other cities around the world. In the next six months, we’ll turn up the volume in our work – highlighting some of the dope people who continue to make Atlanta the place we all love and launching a fresh approach across our digital channels and events. Diversity, millennials and Generation Z are top of mind in everything we do. Look out for more – @chooseATL.

A3C: What impact has ChooseATL made on the industry?

ChooseATL is all about retaining and attracting young professionals across industries – from tech to creative and everything in between. Over the years, we’ve watched the tides turn, and metro Atlanta has become a top city for millennials. Major companies have opened up offices in our region because we’re a magnet for talent, and diversity is built into our fabric.

ChooseATL has played an important role over recent years when it comes to spreading the word about our region. Our impact can be seen in the growing acknowledgement that Atlanta’s culture transcends our city and regional boundaries – metro Atlanta’s culture is shaping popular culture around the world. 

More tactically, we’re proud of the collective impact we’ve been able to drive through partnerships with countless organizations and leaders in our community. Our partnership with A3C and Tracklanta is a great example. Through this program, we’re able to give young artists an opportunity for exposure and growth, while also highlighting the influence Atlanta’s talent has on hip-hop and the music industry, overall.

A3C: What type of legacy do you want to leave for ChooseATL?

A great team of leaders have been behind ChooseATL over the years. I have picked up the torch and am proudly working to usher in ChooseATL’s next phase. Our core mission will remain the same, and we’ll continue to lift up careers, community and culture as we tell metro Atlanta’s story to next-gen talent. In addition to these things, we’ll begin to engage with Gen Z in a meaningful way, and we’ll make every effort to ensure that our team, our partners and our work reflect the amazing diversity that is Atlanta.

A3C: Aside from your colleagues at ChooseATL, who do you admire in the industry?

The beauty of promoting metro Atlanta is that no one organization or leader can do it alone. We love Butter.ATL, Atlanta Influences Everything, the creative industries team at Invest Atlanta, Switchyards/Made In Atlanta, Discover Atlanta, and, of course, Mike, Paul and Ryan with A3C.

A3C: When it comes to ChooseATL, what are you most proud of? 
I’m proud to be a part of something that works to make our region better. Our team is a diverse group from different backgrounds who shows up every day because we are passionate about Atlanta — the momentum it is experiencing today and the potential it holds tomorrow. We take pride in our work and are sincere about driving collaboration. I’m proud that we are helping to nurture and welcome some of the brightest talent in metro Atlanta.

A3C: If you could change one thing about ChooseATL what would it be?

As a public-facing initiative that is representative of an entire region (that’s 29 counties and six million people, y’all), we hope to broaden our reach by expanding programming into different communities, focusing more on multicultural engagement, and, overall, making a larger impact for Atlantans everywhere. Engaging our local community and getting out to engage the metro Atlanta diaspora and others around the world is a tall order. We’re working hard to fill it.

A3C: What motivates and drives you to continue to improve and innovate?

For me, Atlanta has been the land of opportunity. Leaders have been accessible and nurturing. The community has been both welcoming and supportive. I’ve built deep relationships and true friendships here. Coming to work each day to showcase these things and more for the world is an opportunity that continues to excite and motivate me. 

We follow marketing and communications trends closely, and we’ve gotten pretty smart about what inspires Gen Z and millennials. We also keep a close eye on trends and challenges in place/city marketing. All of this inspires innovation and continuous improvement for my team day in and day out.

At the same time, our motivation is also baked in the opportunity to go beyond promoting metro Atlanta and work on efforts that are designed to ensure that all Atlantans benefit from its progress. 

A3C: What is a lesson that you’ve learned from a challenge?

Change is the only constant in life and in business. Don’t just “go” through change, look for the lessons and “grow” through change. This attitude is an important key to succeeding in the face of adversity.  


Stay tuned for updates and announcements from MAC and ChooseATL! Connect with ChooseATL at A3C this year.  The winners of Tracklanta will be announced soon! Tracklanta, presented by ChooseATL presents the opportunity for the winners to record with one of the game's top producers, in one of Atlanta's legendary studios! 


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ChooseATL is dedicated to attracting and retaining talent by showcasing Atlanta's lifestyle and culture, evolving perceptions, and engaging the next generation in building a community we are all proud to call home. Our vision is to make Atlanta the most promising global metro where emerging talent can create the lives, careers, and impact they want in order to make their mark on the world.


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