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Q & A with Shawn Pouliotte & JoJo Brim of MyMy Music

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 7

We recently spoke to CEO Shawn Pouliotte and Head of Hip-Hop + R&B JoJo Brim of MyMy Music about their presence at A3C this year and learned more about the companies role in changing the way people discover new music.

Shawn Pouliotte - CEO of MyMy Music

Shawn Pouliotte - CEO of MyMy Music


Why do you think your presence is important at A3C this year?

MyMy music is a thought leader in the way that we approach independent music, raising the bar within the industry to ensure that we bring the MyMy community credible music. A3C is one of the most important industry events in Hip-Hop Culture and the entertainment industry, making it critical that we are a part of A3C so that we can share in our aligned visions.


What impact has MyMy Hip Hop made on the industry?

MyMy is changing the way people discover new music by allowing the community to shape our catalog for tomorrows music consumers. Human curation is the new wave, and it helps to remove the frustration of traditional digital discovery. The other exciting thing about MyMy is the fact that our curation process is also fun and engaging.


What type of legacy do you want to leave for MyMyHipHop?

We want to be the spark that lights the fuse for these talented artists and is known as "the place" for discovering the best new music. MyMy is poised to be the Louis Vuitton of the market.


Aside from colleagues at MyMyHipHop, who do you admire in the industry?

The industry is in a great place right now. What Coach K and P are doing with Q.C., Kevin Liles at 300, J. Erving with Human Re-Sources, Roc Nation exploding into movies and distribution, Julie Greenwald and her team at Atlantic are just a few of the label heads that are using innovative approaches to breaking artist while still relying on gut instincts.

JoJo Brim - Head of Hip-Hop + R&B - MyMy Music

JoJo Brim - Head of Hip-Hop + R&B - MyMy Music


What are you doing that's innovative?

MyMy has developed a unique crowd curation process that removes all bias from the artist. Our "blind judging" system lets fans decide what's "Hot" based on the artist's ability to bring relevant music to the community. This allows us to remove the noise from the experience while empowering the community.


What motivates and drives you to continue to improve and innovate?

We feel the future is around collaboration and community. We want to create a place where the community really matters in a way that elevates and celebrates those with talent. We let the Heat Rise!


Is there anything you're working on (that you can share) that you're excited about releasing in 2019/20?

We are putting significant investment in 3 key areas – Gamification of the platform to increase the "fun factor", 2) Social and Community – allowing artists and fans to interact directly as well as going wide into communities like Twitch and 3) Monetization so we can pay these talented kids for their sweat and passion.


What can we expect from MyMy HipHop in the next six months?

MyMy is making noise and attracting more and more credible artists and has become the #1 destination for Underground Hip-Hop and R&B. Don't be surprised to see the next Billboard 200 hit to chart through MyMy.


Stay tuned for updates and announcements from MyMy Music by downloading their app in the app store and make sure to visit their booth at A3C this year! 


The Blog Team

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