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Q & A with Joncier Rienecker of TuneCore

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 22

We recently spoke to Entertainment Relations Manager of TuneCore, Joncier Rienecker about their presence at A3C this year and learned more about the companies role in changing the way people discover new music.


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Entertainment Relations Manager of TuneCore, Joncier Rienecker


Introduce yourself! Who are you, what's your position at TuneCore, how long have you worked there?

I’m Joncier Rienecker and I’m an Entertainment Relations Manager down here in Atlanta and I’ve been on the TuneCore team for 3 years.

How is TuneCore disrupting the music distribution space?

TuneCore offers artists the opportunity to sell their music on the most digital platforms and stores across the world. On top of keeping 100% of their revenue, artists who use TuneCore to distribute their music can benefit from an unparalleled global reach. The territories we cover make it possible to build dedicated fan bases in areas you’ve never even traveled.

On top of best in class digital music distribution, TuneCore offers artists the opportunity to further empower their careers with music publishing administration and an entire suite of artist services. Whether it’s mastering for their new tracks or making money across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, we think independent artists should be able to maximize their reach and collect all the revenue they earn from their music.


What changes do you notice in the music distribution space? 

The good news is that music streaming has been wholly adopted by fans in the past few years here in the U.S., and we’re only seeing more and more opportunities abroad. The ability to develop a fan base on the other side of the world or get discovered by casual listeners when you’re placed on a popular playlist has never been greater.

We’re also seeing companies and brands enter and quickly exit the distribution space after realizing how much groundwork needs to be laid in order to satisfy artists’ needs. Thankfully, TuneCore has been there since the beginning and we know what it takes to ensure that our robust, diverse community of independent artists are getting everything they need from our service.

Overall, it’s encouraging to see artists taking the reins and dictating what a successful release strategy looks like. Just like TuneCore changed the game on how artists sell their music, streaming is changing the way fans enjoy it.


Why is TuneCore an important platform?

There’s always going to be a contingency of artists whose end-goal is to get signed by a major record label. We love this aspiration and welcome them to use TuneCore to jumpstart their 

career. But what we’re seeing is that along the way, even these artists enjoy the sense of autonomy and power that comes with being ‘an independent’. The way fans discover and engage with their favorite artists has changed, and TuneCore is a platform that artists can depend on when it comes time to getting their new music out to the world.


What services does TuneCore offer to artists?

TuneCore offers digital music distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and over 150 stores and platform worldwide. Artists keep 100% of their revenue and retain all their rights.

As mentioned above, TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration ensures that artists can collect all the songwriter royalties owed to them from around the world. Additionally, our in-house creative sync team actively pitches songs for placement in TV, film, ads and video games.

Finally, TuneCore’s suite of artist services exists as a toolbox for creators: mastering; fan reviews; CD duplication; instant and professional mastering, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram monetization; cover song licensing and more. There’s never been a better time to be independent, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own.


What about the music industry do you find most exciting?

I think the sheer possibilities being presented to today’s artists across all genres and the availability of educational resources is what excites me most about the music industry. A3C is a shining example: who would have thought we’d get to a point where so many amazing artists and producers from one genre would have the chance each year to gather and learn more about the industry, rub elbows with labels, managers, media professionals and distributors, and all while serving their fanbase with live performances? 

Also, I admire the relationships between artists and their fans in 2019: artists are given the chance to become superstars in their own right - just from uploading a single to Spotify - and building a hardcore fan bases with whom they communicate to directly on Instagram.


How is TuneCore expanding in 2020?

TuneCore is continuing to improve its offerings to artists. We’re expanding our strong tech platform, providing creators with an avenue to promote their music, build a fan base, and make money. We’re excited about the new features and services that lie ahead in 2020, and will continue to connect with artists on how to improve even more.

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