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Q & A with  Darrin “B-SIDE” Young of DAS Audio

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Nov 27



 Darrin “B-SIDE” Young,  Director of Business Development

What impact has DAS Audio made on the industry? 

Since 1971 DAS Audio has continuously evolved, most recently utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology for Audio streaming AND speaker control in Professional Audio.  The biggest impact is probably the fact that we provide a high quality European made product without the boutique sticker shock (price tag). 

What type of legacy do you want to leave for DAS Audio? 

A legacy that lasts for ages, that we were an audio company that cared about the earth, it’s people, and the sound industry. For example, we are a part of the Forest Stewart Council. The FSC certification guarantees that our products have not been manufactured at the expense of the forest, animals, plants and people who depend on it. We are a family owned business since 1971, and we plan to stay that way. And that we manufacture over 98% of our catalog in house ensuring a level of quality and sonic fidelity that is not sacrificed for the sake of a dollar. (not buying a bunch of other people’s products and just putting our name on it). #DASgood

Aside from colleagues at DAS Audio, who do you admire in the industry?

For companies, I admire the small guys who are making big changes, companies like Serato (DJ Software), BPM Supreme (Online DJ Pool) & others like PHASE (French company making wireless devices that replace the needle for turntables). For artists, I admire people like Will.i.Am, Diplo, Jazzy Jeff, A-trak, Calvin Harris & Lil’ Jon, I feel these individuals have been able to blur the lines between DJ, Artist & Producer all while constantly evolving, coming out with new sounds and defying genre’s and labels. It’s hard to stay relevant in the game these days, but all of these artist have done it for years and still continue to do it well!

What are you doing that’s innovative?

First I have to acknowledge what I’ve already done, LOL…  Helping re-define the modern DJ and DJ technology as a whole, with patented participation of products like Stanton’s Final Scratch [the first DVS – DJ Software that connected to your turntables manipulating audio files (pre-Serato)], Turntable development (Including USB connectivity), and improving features on KRK Studio Monitors. Now, I am impacting the features and designs of speakers for DAS Audio, for portable DJ use and professional installation and touring. Improving the design, use and acceptance of wireless technology in a professional audio realm, whereas it was mostly consumer a few years ago.

What motivates and drives you to continue to improve and innovate?

That feeling of never being satisfied with “status-quo” really bothers me! No matter how old I am or how experienced I am; I know that there is so much more to learn and do…  I never want to stop the attempt of perfection. Some people say I’m a perfectionist (in a negative tone); I know that nothing can be perfect but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get there!

What can we expect from DAS Audio in 2020?

Growth and Development… More new products, with enhanced technology but simplified for the masses.

New partnerships with some exciting big names in the nightlife industry (to be announced in January at the NAMM show). 

More brand ambassadors and sponsorships to spread the word of the brand and what we do, and how we do it differently.

The Blog Team

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