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Pushing Fashion's Envelope in Hip-Hop: OutKast & Young Thug

Cora Taft
Posted by Cora Taft on Sep 2


Hip-Hop is all about being a creative and bringing different types of art to the table. In Hip-Hop, there have been a lot of trends to evolve. Some artist has the ability to create their own wave and Outkast is one of the duo’s to do it.

Outkast were literally the outcast of Hip-Hop in the 90’s when it came to their sense of style. Andre 3000 and Big Boi always created the most experimentally creative group of the 90’s and 2000’s. They always pushed the envelope when it came to their lyrical flow and visual concepts.  Outkast_2.jpg

Outkast were not only extraordinary when it came to rapping but also when it came to their style. They always wearing funky outfits that varied especially Andre 3000. Some of Andre 3000 and Big Boi outfits were based on the 70’s ad 80’s with a lot of colorful prints, headbands, and very different hairstyles. In the “B.O.B” video they both rocked their hair slayed and laid to the side.

Young_Thug_Dazed-1.jpgThe 25-year-old rapper Young Thug has a very unique style of rap and fashion as well. Considering his age, he grew up while OutKast was taking over the radio waves.

Young Thug has a lot of people who listen to his music because of his unique sound but also because he pushes the standards of how a Hip-Hop artist is supposed to look. Young Thug has blond locs, multiple piercings and tattoos and occasionally likes to wear women clothing. He is criticized in the Hip-Hop community because of his clothing but he is still flourishing. Young Thug, who is currently going by Jeffery, is very abstract and strategic. While Jeffery (Young Thug) is still pretty new in his career, I can’t want to see where his sense of style evolves to next.

Overall, don’t judge an artist because of the way they dress. Judge artist on the creativity and what they are bring to the culture.

Cora Taft

Written by Cora Taft

Topics: Fashion, Outkast, young thug, Jeffery

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