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#A3C365: Win a pair of tickets to see ATMOSPHERE live in ATL!

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 24


Minneapolis is known for many things — pretty lakes, the Mall of America, lutefisk. But 17 years ago, hip-hop act Atmosphere transformed the city into something else entirely: a nexus from which underground rap spiraled-out to the masses. And thanks to the duo’s indefatigable touring habits, Top 20-charting albums, and their galvanizing artist-owned label Rhymesayers (MF Doom, Aesop Rock), they’re still pushing the boundaries of what indie rap can mean. It’s with that overachieving-underdog spirit that MC Sean “Slug” Daley and producer Anthony “Ant” Davis have named Atmosphere’s eighth studio album Southsiders (out May 6), a shout-out to their native neighborhood. Because, says Slug, “We have spent the majority of our career — God, we can call it a career! — repping the south side of Minneapolis pretty hard.” All told, Southsiders took about ten months to complete. During that time, “I spent a lot of time agonizing over every detail, every word,” Slug says. He and Ant started out writing together in a Minneapolis basement. But these days, they trade tracks back and forth over email, with Ant triggering the creative flow by offering skeletons of songs.

Fresh from A3C 2014, we're back with more awesome giveaways! A3C and Rival Entertainment are giving you a chance to catch the duo live here in #ATLhomeoftheA3C. Don't miss Atmosphere's North of Hell Tour stops in the city on Wednesday, November 12th at Center Stage Theatre with special guests Prof & Dem Atlas, tickets are $24.00, but A3C is giving you chance to win a pair of tickets FREE!



Atmosphere w/ Prof & Dem Atlas | North of Hell Tour | Center Stage Theatre | Atlanta, Ga | Wednesday, November 12, 2014 | 7:30pm | All Ages | Tickets $24 | • General Admission (first come, first served) - no assigned seats Atmosphere w/ Prof & Dem Atlas | North of Hell Tour | Center Stage Theatre | Atlanta, Ga | Wednesday, November 12, 2014 | 7:30pm | All Ages | Tickets $24 | General Admission



We’re excited to be giving-away a pair of tickets to the #A3C365 Community!!

Here is how to win…

1) Follow A3C on Twitter

2) LIKE the A3C Festival Facebook page, if you haven’t already

3) SHARE Atmosphere Facebook Post

4) Sit back and wait… We will announce a lucky winner on Facebook Monday, November 3rd at 3:00pm.

What is A3C365?

The mission of A3C365 is to offer the A3Community opportunities to engage, learn, support and enjoy events across the US, and beyond, 365 days a year. We will be partnering with some of the most respected organizations, brands and influencers in the US in order to offer the A3Community amazing experiences and unique opportunities. Each year we will be giving away tickets to 100+ concerts, festivals and events as well as other opportunities and prizes.


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