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Nova Scotia rappers put Canada on the Map

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Oct 12

cover-13.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Every year Nova Scotia Music Week presents a showcase dedicated to promote the local artists from that area.  The chosen individual emcees in their city travel and perform at showcases and venues around the country.

Mattie.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

First emcee up, Marvin Divine took the vibe up and brought it down.  Although the crowd wasn’t very exciting, Divine worked the stage as best as he could.  He surprised the audience with 16 freestyle bars on 4 different beats.  Nova Scotia DJ, Matti B tore it up on the 1s and 2s as Divine kept the rhymes rolling on the mic.

Thrilla.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Thrillah came with a different flow and style with his doo rag and trap beats.  His music would have resonated with many different audiences. 

JAy_mayne.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Next up, Jay Mayne killed his set.  As one of the most popular artists from his city, he’s constantly dropping music.  Although he’s touring all over regularly, he always stays true to the Glenwood Life.

QUake.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services 

Even though the crowd was small, the talent only got bigger as the show continued.  Nova Scotia saved the best for last.  Quake Matthews took the stage and got the audience going with his catchy songs and cool personality.  He communicated with the audience in ways that many artists can’t do.  From the East Coast of Canada, Matthews grew up for a love of the game but wasn’t given many chances to pursue it.  “[Hip Hop] is the longest love I’ve ever had in my life,” said Matthews.  He performed a remix to Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, but the girl in the song was Hip-hop.

Every year, this group curates an event at A3C and this year they brought out their best.  This showcase represented many different styles coming out of Nova Scotia.  It was interesting to see how this region embraced Hip-hop from afar. 

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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