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NOLA has arrived!  4 New Orleans artist that you should pay attention to

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Oct 7

NYKO_cover.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services

A3C’s Welcome to New Orleans Showcase gave us a small taste of what’s currently brewing in the Big Easy city.  Home to rappers Juvenile, Curren$y and Lil Wayne, the city of New Orleans always sets the bar high for music.  Although they may not match up to the magnitude of these artists yet, NOLA came to show out.

DaWinners.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services

New Orleans duo DaWinners were up first to tear up the stage with the typical New Orleans sound. The heavy beat with the soulful melody was just the sound you’d expect to be coming from the city. With such a mixture of culture, New Orleans sounds have many influence and so did this emcee duo. Their biggest influences are NOLA’s own Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Max B and other artists that came up the grassroots way and stayed true to themselves. DaWinners came to win and they were more than willing to pay the price to do so.

NYKO_BANDZ.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services

Emcee NYKO BANDZ piped up the stage performing his new single, GoYard. His energy woke up the crowd and wasn’t matched by anyone else in the showcase. He provided a crossover sound from New Orleans with an Atlanta flow.

ken.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services

R&B singer, Kenxblvd changed the tone and put his city on the map with his smooth vibes. His musical influences include the Weeknd, Usher and Miguel and you could hear it in this music. He ended his set singing acapella, and the sound of his falsetto notes and full tone filled the room. 

Teezy.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Clayborne for A3C Media Services

But the highlight of the show was hands down, Emcee Teezy made a surprise appearance and continued to give the crowd what they came for. His rhymes and flow straight out of NOLA gave the sound we were all looking for. Teezy’s energy matched the room and his lyrics It was clear that this wasn’t Teezy recently toured with Kevin Gates and opened up Chris Brown on his Royalty Tour.  His genuine flow and catchy hooks caught the attention of the crowd. 

NOLA came in and showed out at the Welcome to New Orleans Showcase.  The new sound coming out of NOLA is something you won’t want to miss. 

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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