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No More CDs Please!

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Oct 10


Photo Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

In 2016 technology and music have advanced so much that the way we consume and distribute music is different. Streams are the go-to source of music sales aside from physical albums. On the No More CDs, Please! Merchandising in 2016 and Beyond panel young artist and producers are given advice on how to sell their music in forms of merchandise. CDs are a dying form of music consumption and can also be a turn-off for many people. Our star panelist Vanessa Ferrer, CEO of Merch Cat, digital marketing strategist Tyler Allen, super producer KatoOnTheTrack, and Bram Bessoff of Indie Hitmaker alongside moderator Satori Ananda of W.A.R. Media all chimed in on ways to brand yourself and develop multiple revenue streams while abandoning the old school methods of marketing and selling your music.

Bram Bessoff said,” Replace the money you spend on CDs with merchandise. You’re able to sell your merchandise while attaching your music with it. This way customers have more incentive to buy your product.”

IMG_3488.jpgPhoto Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

Alternate solutions for music sales only are selling t-shirts, hats, USB directly to your fans online or in person during shows and touring. This increases your profitability and returns on investment while building a better relationship with your fan base.

The use of streaming for music releases is essential in today’s industry. Although streams don’t equate to a traditional album sale, it is another source of revenue when buying music was decreasing.

Satori Ananda stated that “Technology and music go hand in hand. Streaming is bringing music back into reality because you can gain revenue when everything became free.”


Photo Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

To make music as an independent artist, you must run your brand as a small business. This means marketing and promotional strategies need to be in place so that you can promote your products direct to fan. Email is still the best approach when reaching fans. By integrating Mailchimp automation and building your database of customers, you’re able to spread news of new products, shows, and music.

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