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Masego Steals the Show at the "It's Lit" Showcase

Johnell Gipson
Posted by Johnell Gipson on Oct 11

A3C Festival & Conference came to a close yesterday on a seemingly perfect day. The weather was great, the streets were peaceful, and things were finally beginning to slow down. While a majority of artists and speakers had left Atlanta, there were still a few who made their presence known. The penultimate set, “It’s Lit”,  was hosted by Flockaland at The Main Stage.

Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services

Levi Carter, a bubbling Roc Nation signee, kicked off the set in iconic fashion, bring incredible energy to the stage. He performed some of the most well-known singles from his debut Antisocial, which included “You Not Gang” and “Finessed”. As the crowd warmed up, he transitioned into a few of his newer records from the Presence of a Lord project, including “Paid in Full”, “No Wife”, and “Lords Never Die”.

Deniro Farrar and Tate Kobang performed second, and they brought the sounds of their projects Mind of a Gemini and Since We’re Here, respectively. More attendees began to arrive around this point in the show, so the crowd interaction was on a slightly higher level than previously mentioned.

Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services

Soon after, Jerreau and Alex Wiley performed, but the artist that truly stole the show was Masego. Masego is an interesting case because although he is an amazing artist with a unique style, he is still relatively unknown. Masego blends a variety of styles and genres into his music, incorporating jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B elements in his songs. One of his most popular songs was the hit “Girls That Dance”, a record that makes girls do exactly what the title says. Masego was clearly a fan favorite, even though many attendees openly admitted that they’d never heard of him before. Masego likes to get from behind the turntables and move around on stage, tossing “Masego Money” into the crowd and doing live instrumentation. His instrument of choice is the saxophone, but he also relies heavily on sampling for his records.

The “It’s Lit” stage was definitely one of the more intriguing ones of the festival, and was a great opportunity for Atlantans to find out about artists they previously knew nothing about. Overall, A3C was a major success this year, and left many attendees excited about what’s to come.
Johnell Gipson

Written by Johnell Gipson

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