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The People Assembly: Making a Statement with Social Change

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Oct 8


 Photo Credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

The People Assembly’s Ashley Reid helped instill a new mindset in a room of socially conscience A3C attendees with the assistance of John Williams of Worldstar Radio, Oglethorpe Professor Dr. Kendra Mormon, Atlanta Councilman Kwanza Hall and hip-hop artist Scotty ATL.

Throughout the panel on social injustice, racial bias and how the media portrays the matter were the main topics of discussion. These are subjects that require attention and rely on the people to make a solid change.

“There are institutional mechanisms that profile against people of color and require a heart to heart conversation to solve problems," said Dr. Kendra Mormon. 

None of these issues can be fixed overnight, but those who can change one aspect of their lives can make a difference. Understanding the people around you is key to foster relationships that can transcend the color of one’s skin. As Scotty ATL said, “Know your neighbors.”

IMG_3437.jpgPhoto Cred. Brandon Davis for A3C Media Sercvices

A change in our community comes from the community. As a people, we have to befriend our local governments to make better laws that help the people. This includes establishing rules that will hold police officers more accountable for their actions in the field.

With all of the unarmed killings recently, people are to believe that these instances occurred out of the blue when this has actually been going on for along time. But thanks to social media, it's finally coming to light.

John Williams spoke from his experience as a former police officer. “Social media is a great way to expose what happens in the media. It’s always the cops word against the people and cameras allow the corruption and racism to be presented to the masses,” he said.

IMG_3438.jpgPhoto Cred: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

Until you see what’s going on the change won’t happen. The media has a funny way of adding stereotypes by exposing these stories from another perspective. In turn, it will have an adverse effect on that group of people.

Dr. Mormon said, “ Black men are feared, and the media will try to make one party look negative just for profitably. The try to emasculate the black male and need other people who don’t look like us to be our allies.

This informal discussion on promoting social change helped spark the inspiration in those attending. Just leaving the room with one thing that resonated will help you when it comes to social change.

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