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Kato’s #NoSuckaMCs6 contest powered by Rhymestars. Over $4000 in prizes and a performance spot at A3C

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jul 24

A3C has partnered with Rhymestars, Kato the Producer and Blue Mic to bring you a dope rap contest. You can win over $4,000 in prizes. You can ALSO win a spot to perform at A3C 2018. 

More Info

1) Download Beat
Download a beat produced by the legendary Hip Hop producer Kato!

2) Record A Song
Your entry can be anywhere from one verse to an entire song with verses, chorus, bridge, etc. as long as it showcases your full potential!

3) Shoot A Video
Record or create a video for your song. Video quality will not be judged but is encouraged.

4) Voting
The Top 100 voted entries will be eligible for review and considered for the grand prize and 2nd place and 3rd place prizes.

Get Started

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The Blog Team

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