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I Like Artlanta Type Girls

Cora Taft
Posted by Cora Taft on Sep 13
Art is more than just knowing the primary colors but it is about how art makes people feel. There are multiple artist who know how to convey emotions from their audience. Women have been some of the greatest artist with little recognition.
Here are a group of artist that will be displaying their work during A3C Festival & Conference:

Aza Desi
Ashley Sadler is a New York based artist. Her paintings are very vibrant scenery that usually have women and sunflowers in the art. Sunflowers are a staple in Sadler’s paintings because they are a symbol of strength and resilience. Through her passion for art, she has been able to grow through her battle with anxiety. She wants to continue to grow with her passion and craft.
Catch Aza at ARTlanta Gallery presents: ARTista 3, Thursday October 6th @ 8:00 PM, ARTlanta Gallery (Old 4th Ward)
 Iyiyasu Tupicalo
Iyiyasu is an artist who uses a needle as her brush. Her artwork ranges from beautiful butterflies, ATLien pieces, and designs. All of her work is original and also does pastel pieces. She is a City of Ink artist and they have two locations one on Edgewood and the other on Waller Street.
Catch Iyiyasu at Colours presented by: ARTlanta Gallery, Friday October 7th @ 10:00 PM, ARTlanta Gallery (Old 4th Ward)
Krissi Scribbles
Krissi Scribbles is a visual artist that taught herself everything she knows. She specializes in mixed media paintings and paper collages. Scribbles gained most of her popularity by utilizing social media to her advantage. Her work has been seen in several galleries in Texas and Atlanta. Her art is very feminine meets beauty with a boss twist. Most of her paintings are full-figured women with curves and boldness. She had been featured on a number on platforms including MTV, Affinity Magazine and For Harriet. She is an advocate for Mental Health and Wellness.
Catch Krissi Scribbles at ARTlanta Gallery presents: ARTista 3 on Thursday October 6th @ 8:00 PM at ARTlanta Gallery (Old 4th Ward)
Make sure you come out at support these ladies during A3C Festival & Conference. 
Cora Taft

Written by Cora Taft

Topics: Art, artlanta, creativity

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