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Good Hearts Win Showcase brought out the SOUL of the South

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Oct 10


Photo credit: Eric Barbosa for A3C Media Services

Good Hearts Win Showcase introduced some local artists that are making music on a global scale.  The diversity of genres and a new wave of creatives came out to perform, but they all had that touch of R&B and soul I was looking for.  

The event took place at the Music Room on Edgewood. With stone walls and corners lit with flameless candles and Christmas lights, this was one of the coolest venues I’ve seen.  Smoke machines and dark red lighting created an ominous, but intimate space appropriate for the performances. 


First, St. Louis rapper, Mvstermind surprised us with a performance after another artist flaked on their set.  The producer and emcee gave us a little taste of St. Louis style mixed with a conscious flow.  B.L.A.C.K Baron, representing the Northside of Atlanta took us on a journey through his life growing up. He had a southern, old school flow native to Atlanta that we don't hear much anymore.  


Next up was Southside Atlanta rapper Sweet James who reminded us all the Be Safe with whatever we have going on.  Sweet James made his presence known with an entertaining personality and overall love for the game.  It’s cool to see something else brewing in Atlanta besides the mainstream.

The host of the show, AxJ (AJ) reminded us of the southern Old School rap that we’ve been missing.  He was one of the best acts in the show due to his genuine love for Hip-hop and appreciation of the true art. His message, Calm Down speaks gives commentary about the current state of Black Culture in this country.  “They try to make us all scared of the bloods and crips, but the police are about as gangster as it gets.” His movement and his Love collective brand showed us that using Hip-hop is what Good Hearts Win is all about. 


ISM (Infinite Souls Music) was one of the most diverse collective groups I’ve seen in a very long time.  They reminded me somewhat of Outkast, Souletica giving us the soul, Vann bringing the bars and LGN with the style and all the hype.  We loved the way their melanin popped as they fed our soul with their crazy metaphors.  From their walking bass line and chill, R&B vibes, their unique sound filled the room.  The audience couldn’t help but bob their head as ISM “Serenated our Soul”.

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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