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Five Times Rick Ross Really Made You Want Some Wingstop

Johnell Gipson
Posted by Johnell Gipson on Aug 26


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Keeping the surprises coming, A3C Festival & Conference recently announced that we will be featuring Rick Ross as an artist at the this year's event. That being said, we decided to really delve into the essence of what Rick Ross represents; artist, record executive, businessman, chicken wing connoisseur. With over 40 Wingstops under his management, Rick Ross has taken it upon himself to diversify his portfolio and add fast food aficionado to the list. Since partnering, Rick Ross has never strayed away from referencing his love for the franchise, so we dediced to list the top five moments that Rick Ross really made listeners want some Wingstop.

5. Blk & Wht - Rick Ross

“Wingstop owner, lemon pepper aroma/Young black n***a, barely got a diploma.”

Rick Ross does a great job here of promoting both a healthy appetite and conviction for entrepreneurial pursuits. Having barely made it out of high school, things were looking slim for Rozay at a certain point in life. Luckily, the hustler in him allowed him to overcome his obstacles and become a successful businessman. Now he owns several Wingstops, and because he’s constantly in them, he reeks of Lemon Pepper chicken. Being a bawse sure does work up an appetite, and like Tony Montana, Rick Ross doesn't mind getting high off of his own supply.


4. U.O.E.N.O - Rocko ft. Future & Rick Ross

“Bricks all in my blood, birds all in my dreams/Boats all in my yard, lemon pepper my wings.”

What a lavish life, indeed. Rick Ross has never been shy about expressing his affinity for lavish things or the obstacles he’s overcome in life. Here, Ross paints the perfect picture of the drug dealing endeavors he’s lived through in coincidence with the fancy lifestyle he now lives. They’ve always been simultaneously connected, and he's not ashamed to remind you. Apparently, this lifestyle includes copious amounts of fried chicken wings from Wingstop that are more than likely being devoured aboard a beautiful ship basking in the Port of Miami. Ahhhh, nirvana in its truest form.

3. King of Diamonds - Rick Ross

“Waving at these b*tches, and I know these n****s hoe-ish/Take your b*tch to get lemon pepper in a new Lotus.”

Rick Ross really wasn't playing around in this one. He was definitely out looking for revenge on this cut, and lets it be known that he's not your average rapper, he's the bawse. While bragging about having so much money that a Brinks truck is always present, he still somehow finds the time to throw in a Wingstop reference. While he knows that the women love him and many of today’s men lack intestinal fortitude, he also lets you know that he’s not afraid to take your woman and get her some great food at his favorite place in a very nice car. He’s so fearless in his efforts that he's basically daring you to come find him at Wingstop, because you know he owns like 40. Whether or not you pull up to the right one is your problem, but the bigger issue may be the reason why your woman would rather go get some delicious fast food with him, rather than you.


2. Trap Boomin - Gucci Mane ft. Rick Ross

“When I hit a lick it I bought a Wingstop/I sprinkle lemon pepper in that re-rock.”

Once again referencing his savviness in business, Ross tells us here that he repurposes his illegal earnings in legitimate fronts like Wingstop. Always one step ahead, Rozay knows that the Feds are watching him and he needs to find a way to wash his money. What better way than to invest in a brand that you eat at every day? Now he has an endless supply of wings to demolish at any time, and he's even increasing his net worth. Not only that, he likens his narcotics to Lemon Pepper wings, which lets you know that they can cause quite the addiction. Better not eat there too often.


1. Wingstop (Remix) - Philthy Rich ft. Rick Ross & Yowda

“You want this whole chick, meet me at the Wing Stop/You want this half a bird, meet me at the Wing Stop”

Quite the double-entendre here. Ross is letting you know that you can get a whole chicken both of the legal and illegal kind if you link up with him. Aside from the fact that this song is completely dedicated to Wingstop in itself, this is just a great overall gesture toward the franchise. Ricky Rozay is basically saying that not only can you stop by Wingstop to get some great wings, you can also meet up with him for some illicit drug-dealing activities. How much does this man trust you if he's willing to direct you to his place of legitimate business for a drug transaction? That's no small feat. It’d probably be in your best interest to take him up on that offer. Hell, after the deal he may even throw in a bucket of free Lemon Pepper wings.




Johnell Gipson

Written by Johnell Gipson

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