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Everyone is an artist at ARTlanta

Lauren Martinez
Posted by Lauren Martinez on Oct 10

DSC_0204.jpgOwner of ARTlanta, Tyree Smith and Puma from VH1's Black Ink Crew.  photo credit: Joseph Tiller for A3C media services

At the corner of Metropolitan Parkway and Shelton Avenue, the ARTlanta Gallery has made a home for the young art loving citizens of Atlanta. Opened in 2015, ARTlanta is an extension of the Atlanta art scene that has become prevalent, thanks to artists like Paper Frank and Mya Bailey. Now there is a new name to be added to that list of Atlanta art purveyors. Owner of ARTlanta Gallery, Tyree Smith is bringing his vision to life and is including the people. During this year’s A3C Festival & Conference, ARTlanta Gallery opened its doors to those who have an interest in art and gave them the chance to collaborate with the artists.

       DSC_0208.jpgPhoto Credit: Joseph Tiller for A3C media services

Multiple artists created illustrations and paintings for the Colours show. Work by some well known artist such as Miya Bailey were on display and pieces from artists who are looking to make a name for themselves such as Zipporah Joel and Krissi Scribbles. The Colours exhibit was unlike any other art show. Most times at an art gallery, attendees sip wine, and walk around looking at the art. At ARTlanta, the attendees were responsible for adding color to the art. Boxes of crayons were placed everywhere for the public to bring life to the black and white illustrations hanging on the wall. While some were focusing on staying in the lines, others took the opportunity to create their very own works of art on giant pieces of paper that were provided to express creative thoughts. It was a very  interactive experience that brought in different groups of people in, including Sassy and Puma from VH1’s Black Ink television show.

DSC_0386.jpgArtist, Krissi Scribbles next to one of her pieces on display at ARTlanta. Photo Credit: Joseph Tiller for A3C media services

While the night reminded most of us of the toddler like joy of coloring, the event was for grown folks. Drinks were flowing and hookahs were at the guests disposal. DJ Milhouse and DJ Fly Guy kept the tunes spinning, giving the gallery a lounge vibe. There was even a performance by A3C verteran, Money Makin’ Nique.

ARTlanta is adding a new dynamic to the city's art scene. With the success of this event, there are sure to be many more like it in the near future.

Lauren Martinez

Written by Lauren Martinez

"Every single individual on this planet has an untold story. My job is to bring their memoir to life." - Editor-in-chief

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